OSAJI - Nuance Eyeshadow Palette Maboroshi 6g

Brand from Japan: OSAJI. An eyeshadow palette that expresses your passion for changing and maturing over time. Smoked brown-red, fiery orange, and mellow creamy white create a completely different look, depending on the proportion and order of mixing. Although it is a color that can be enjoyed alone, when blended, it blends nicely and brings a beautiful nuanced three-dimensional effect to the eyes. It protects the delicate skin around the eyes and keeps it moisturized while making up. EX10: Brown red with a beautiful rusty feeling like antique tableware. When stretched, metallic red pearls spread out, giving a warm color that blends well with the skin. In addition to stretching it as an accent color, you can blend it with the other two colors. EX11: A fiery orange studded with gold glitter, like the sparks of a campfire. Can freely color the edges, eye holes, and under the eyes. EX12: Creamy white with a mellowness that blends into the skin and a subtle sense of cleanliness. Can use it as a base for eye shadows, or layer it on top of the other two colors to create a soft color that looks like a layer of thin tracing paper. Make your teardrops look bright and use them as highlights under your eyes. How to use: Take an appropriate amount on a brush etc. and gently put it on the eyelids and let it blend in.

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